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Molly Waguespack Benson is a lifelong artist.
She began her art career at the age of 3, carrying around a spiral notebook and #2 pencil, drawing during every spare moment.  She grew up mere steps away from the Mississippi River, in Vacherie, Louisiana.
Molly is proudest of the undeniable human touch on her works. She invites others to use all of their senses to experience her work. Her work as a colorist provides the viewer with layers of information: white is never white, black is never black... look deep into the layers to experience something new at every encounter.
Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University, a Masters of Education from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University, and countless classes at museums and art schools from the East Coast to Texas.  As an adult she has lived in Nashville, Tennessee; Lexington, Kentucky; Raleigh, North Carolina;

and currently, Austin, Texas.
Over 40 years of art experience has made Molly proficient in pencil, pastels and acrylic paint. She works from a home studio in Austin under the critical eye of her more mathematically inclined  children and husband.
Please contact Molly at for information on custom artwork commissions and pricing.

Recent Awards and Shows:
Light Space & Time Gallery, All Abstracts 2014, Painting Category Special Recognition
Light Space & Time Gallery,  All Women 2015, Painting Category Special Recognition
New Braunfels Art League, Luck of the Irish March 2015 Show
Flatbook Austin Properties, Summer 2015
Cedar Creek Spirits, Featured Artist of the Month, August 2015

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